Birthday Wish

In my about page I have a quote I really like. Part of that says one of the things worth talking about is inspiring doctrine. So…


As empty nesters I can tell you what I miss on Monday evenings, that is family night. This year I’ve decided to request a birthday gift from my children – a good-old-days repeat of FHE.  I picked up 8 issues of the recent 2011 October Conference Addresses published in the Ensign and will ask each of my children to give me a birthday present of a family home evening. If they let me know in advance, I’ll even fix dinner we can share before the lesson and a family night treat afterwards.

One thought on “Birthday Wish

  1. Dear Jan- I found your blog while Googling your mother with the thought of calling her, which, I did although I hadn’t seen or talked to her for many years. We had quite a chat about our shared history in years far past and about our common passion, genealogy.

    When I read this post I could not get past the part where you say you are “empty nesters”,,,,,,, because I remember your wedding and you as a bride as if it were yesterday,,,,,and so quickly they have grown and flown. I think the last time I saw you, and that from a distance, was you as a very young mother of very young children at a backyard summer holiday gathering on Blair Circle when I ived in the duplex next door.

    You may not remember me, but I worked with your mom at Cottonwood back in the sixites and seventies and lived for 5 or six years in the rental duplex. Your siblings sometimes babysat for my three children, themselves all now in their forties; my nest has been empty for many years, I’m used to it now, but time flies.

    Among my fond memories of your family, besides that I have always it considered exemplary of all families, are the evening you went to work in the Volkswagon “bus” and no one, least of all you, knew little Nancy was asleep in the back seat 😉 Another time, the twins filled the Radio Flyer with zuchini from the garden and set out door to door with my son, Mike, who they were “tending”, selling squash. Mike got tired and told them he could find his own way back to your house. Well, not really, but he went to someone’s door and asked to use the phone and pulled up in front of the house in a police car about the time I was well into my nineteenth nervous breakdown.

    Those were the days. I left Utah to take a job in Oregon in 1989; left that job in January 2004 to take a job in Twin Falls,ID, and retired in June 2008 so that I could spend more time doing genealogy both on my families and others.

    I am hoping, weather and aging car willing, to get to some of the Rootstech meetings the beginning of February and will visit your mom then.

    During our talk, I gave her my email at her request so that she could send me something she had written, but, she also asked that i include it in my post to you in case she didn’t get it right, which, I suspect she did, and, of course, it will, I hope, show on your end with this comment

    So quickly this life passes !! It seems you have done as exceptionally well as your mom who doesn’t, in her humility,think she did as well as I know she did.

    Laura Davenport (used to be Laura Fonoti)

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