Best Hot Chocolate in Utah

I’ve sipped the wondrous drink in many corners of the globe. I’ve had a thick big bar brought to me from SPAIN–melts up incredibly thick and delicious. But the best I’ve found are in the Netherlands, New York City, Venice, Mexico and now…UTAH.
A year ago there was a recipe in the newspaper I cut out for making thick hot chocolate which called for adding a ripe banana. Hum, sounds like a jamba juice Maggi Moo…

The easy way though is to buy the new offering in Utah. Tony Caputo’s Market & Deli at 314 W 300 S in SLC now sells a must try caramel salty, habanero or creamy hot chocolate. They are the real thing. I was told yesterday while drinking the caramel salty that it was not just chocolate with caramel flavor added but that the chocolate itself has been caramelized. Another time when I bought a cup of the habanero hot chocolate it was a little too spicey for me so I had them mix it with a little of the creamy variety. YUM.

You can buy the chocolate in bulk, which incidentally is specific chocolate for making into a drink, not the instant powered stuff. It will be worth the effort.

While you are there have one of their excellent sandwiches or buy some quality olive oil or the local sausage. You’ll find yourself going back for several specific items like I do.

3 thoughts on “Best Hot Chocolate in Utah

  1. That’s fantastic, Jan. Just goes to show that action can produce results! We love to shop at Tony Caputo’s and now we’ll love shopping there even more. Makes me want to take a trip down there today to get some hot chocolate. 🙂 Thanks for sticking up for what is “right!” And thanks to Tony Caputo’s for really listening and DOING what it right.

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