My birthday with mom

I had a great birthday that lasted for days this year. Bryson took me out to dinner Saturday, Monday my thoughtful children brought me dinner (and did family night) and Sunday (my birthday and the actual day of the week I was born) while Bryson was busy with tithing settlement at the church I decided I could take my dutch tradition “birthday flower” and lunch to mom. Mom shared this story with me, reminding me that she and Dad were also born on a Sunday:
“Seek and ye shall find” A promise from our Heavenly Father.
Tom’s part begins,
“My father was Catholic and my mother Protestant., Putting their religions aside they married civilly in 1921 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. They were content to live without religion until their firstborn son John, was about six years old. Father began to feel he should give John some kind of religious training.
Mother said, “If he wanted to find a church to affiliate with it was all right with her.”
Through several faith promoting experiences they were baptized. My mother and father had given up coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco and had embraced the law of tithes and offering with total commitment.
I was born on Sunday evening in our home on Goutsestraat in Rotterdam of the third day of November 1929. dad missed his speaking assignment in sacrament meeting that evening.
It was about this same time our family received word from the American consolate that our number for immigrating to the United States had come up. Three months later we arrived by boat in Hoboken, New Jersey, with about $120.00 to buy train tickets to Salt Lake City and start our new life in America.
From these beginnings this grateful family were dedicated to the temple
work for their relatives in Europe. Tom’s father hired a genealogist in the Hague to do reseach there. He would then copy those records with his long carriage typewriter using a self taught one finger method. Some 25 years later records were filmed by missionaries and brought to the Genealogy Library in Salt Lake City. With much diligent work about 4500 names were accumulated. These records were entered onto the (latest high tech machine called the computer) into a program called, “Personal Ancestral File” by John and our daughter Jan.
From this inspired foundation, Tom and I arrived back home in 1996 from a temple Mission in Manilla, Phillipines, which extended immediately in the Jordon River Temple, and the Draper Temple.
Do you think there could still be more temple work to do? Well there was, and there still is.
Our “grand”children with help from the youth of our ward have participated in hundreds of baptisms. Many dutch brothers sisters have had their temple work done by family and faithful Willowcreek Ward members.
It has been one of my blessing to carry on this legacy and marvel at miracle after miracle, of inspiration, help, wonder,and glory of Priesthood Power. Truly, as the scriptures say, “Seek and ye shall find.” Thank you everyone!
” Whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven.” Matt16:19
Lila VanDenBerghe

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