Does Mall Advertising Offend You?

This morning I was reading an except from the Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography (The Meese Report Chapter 8, page 44) – THE RIGHT TO CONDEMN AND THE RIGHT TO SPEAK

“Much of that material is protected by the First Amendment, but it does not follow that the material is harmless, or that its proliferation is good for society.

To the extent that citizens have concerns about the kinds of sexually explicit material that are available in contemporary America, they should not only recognize that the First Amendment protects and encourages their right to express these concerns loudly and often, but should as well appreciate the fact that in many aspects of our lives to keep quiet is to approve.”

My silence this past Friday came to mind. I had visited Nordstrom’s at the Fashion place mall in Murray, Utah. Entering the store I couldn’t help but see the ads in the makeup and perfume section. I was very uncomfortable with the scantily clad women. I was anxious to pass that area. After buying some shoes as I walked out of the store I couldn’t help but notice other ads in the men’s department with sexy themed pictures yet again. I sent an email this morning to and asked that Nordstrom raise the level of their advertising to focus on quality products rather than appealing to the prurient.

I broke my silence.

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