Hope and Joy in His gift

My discerning sister-in-law, Betsy, sent a copy of Near Eastern scholar Daniel Peterson’s observations about Christ’s victory we celebrate this week.

Here I will preface what he has to say with my own experiences. I’ve just spent my first year as President of Women for Decency fighting pornography. Trying to raise awareness, funds and develop useful resources that will really do something to improve our world. It isn’t as fun as doing genealogy or taking a vacation or even exercising with my sister. In addition, today I return from a 10 day visit to Chiapas, Mexico where we worked with some amazing and focused individuals on the challenges of trying to best help the indigenous poor access opportunities for education. There are lots of needs in this world. More than enough trials and struggles to go around.

So, back to the article, Daniel Peterson argues that Christ’s disciples must have felt discouraged, tired and maybe even hopeless in the face of what was occurring at the time of Christ’s atonement, crucifixion and death. He points out that what may have seemed to be failure and loss was actually success.

My simple and blessed life in comparison to the enormity of their experiences seems a stretch but my heart can empathize with their sorrow and even bewilderment in watching all around them crumble not realizing all around them was actually coming together as the greatest and infinite of victories.

It is incredible that we play a part in this drama of the plan. That we have the privilege to His divine power, attention, help and love.

Last night I walked down a dark street in San Cristobal filled with tourists. The shopping and celebrating masses in town for the Easter vacation were like a sea of people. When all of the sudden one of the local “barrios” or church’s congregation marched down the street with their priest in the lead clothed in his regal vestments surrounded by solemn worshipers reenacting part of Christ’s passion. Hooded men carried a bier with what resembled the dead Christ wrapped in white linen. They were surrounded by maybe a 100 fellow parishioners. Later came statues of their local saints carried a-
top stretchers.

I thought of the incredible videos of Christ that I have been watching. I’ve shared them with many but would like to share them with more. Easter is the best time to be in Mexico, they aren’t past observing the significance of Christ’s sacrifice in their life, just like my sister-in-law who took the time to send that letter. Thanks Betsy.

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