Just Plane Indecent

imagesSo painful to fly. After this weekend’s flight I wrote an email to Delta. That is what the flight attendant and pilot informed me I should do as I was deboarding the plane if I wanted to register a concern. I got on Delta.com and found the
After filling out a form with the details of  flight number and date I explained my concern:
The video broadcast just before the flight ended was extremely offensive. I was shocked that what was playing on the monitor in front of the entire plane full of adults, families and children. How could this be all audiences I wondered. I was glad my husband was asleep next to me, I was embarrassed that anyone would have to look at it. Although I was not listening to it it was obviously some sort of music video. A room full of women (all looked like models) in tight fitting short black low cut dresses were targeting one man attractive but befuddled man dressed in a suit pants and white shirt, stroking him, throwing him, pushing him and kicking him, even to the point of one woman thrusting her hand at his genitals.

As you get on the plane there is an endorsement that Delta is among one of the most admired companies. There were children on the flight that should not have been forced to view such crude and sexual media. It is irresponsible for anyone to disregard this most important segment of their clientele as well as those of us who are offended by such overt displays of sexualized media.

I call on this “model company” to take a lead in social responsibility and weigh the well being of children as a  priority.  Spare us being subjected to the crude and vulgar as we are buckled in seats with screens inescapably positioned to eveyone’s view. Certainly there is more than enough media that is appropriate. Please Delta, spare us this type of media content.

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