Four year old Kneels in Prayer and Listens to Scriptures

My just turned 4 years old grandson has been visiting. Occasionally, as children may do, he has resisted being a willing participant in kneeling for family prayer. While he really likes it when we do Family Night we haven’t included him much in daily scripture reading because he is in bed by the time we usually try to observe evening scripture and prayer.
Last Sunday he brought home a simple chart from church-Primary- that encourages him to track his participation in family prayer, scripture study and family home evening. There was a little drawing on the paper too that had a children kneeling which I  pointed out to him.
Since he likes Primary so much we took the opportunity to talk about his chart and decided to offer a bottle of bubbles upon completion. WHY do I think I need to handicap or reward with a bribe?- well, that is a subject for another day.
It clicked. He has not only been praying with us but one time he even wanted to offer the prayer. One night I pulled out my iPad and went to the Bible Video app I advertise on this site and selected the Teachings of Jesus section. We read it  and then watched the story of the widow’s mite. It was so successful we’ve continued that approach.

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