Yikes! my journal is full

Is it already time to buy a new journal? Mine is full. Since each night I try and write a few things in my journal that I am grateful for that day the small journals that tuck nicely into the nightstand by the side of my bed fill up fast. Most of the time it is easy to think of things to write about. Sometimes it isn’t. Depends on the day.

I have been doing this for so long now that its almost as if there is not closure to the day if I can’t get out my journal and make an entry. I ask myself a question before I write: How did I see God’s hand in my life today? How was I blessed with insight or a prompting to do something that filled a need? What mercy was shown to me today? Sometimes I identify the things I write down with the appropriate heading tying it into one of my questions to show, yes indeed, God was present in my life today.


Sod success


The other day I missed not being able to write about my adult children helping each other with a recent move and a backyard sod laying sod party. I think I was able to squeeze into the margins of my now full journal how nice I thought it was that my daughter helped out at her cousin’s bridal shower by doing the dishes afterwards. When I went into the kitchen she was in there alone, busily working away.


I discovered a few weeks ago in a cleaning frenzy that my youngest son has a couple of journals that he started some years ago. There are entries on the first page of each. Thats it. In the spirit of conservation and laziness I’m tempted to consolidate his two journals with scissors and glue and save myself a trip to the book store. I can hardly wait for this day to be over so I can write again.

Someday maybe my children will read my journals. I hope their experience prompts realization that Mom made a concerted effort to recognize God in her life and to get nearer to Him.

I’ve read some of my ancestor’s journals. If it isn’t a specific autobiographical sketch they usually are rather routine like John Hardison Redd’s journal despite the high prospect of crossing the American plains from Nauvoo to the Salt Lake Valley. He had been a sea captain so I think he was used to writing things like “Balmy weather today” or “Rain”  But I wonder if he ever experienced a stampede or saw Indians or gave his 14 year old son Lemuel tips on how to handle the ox team he was driving.

I wish he would have written let us in on some of his adventure or what he prayed for on a particularly trying night and if and when God answered his prayer.

My husband once had a new years resolution to not be boring in his journal writing. At one point he showed me some completing engaging entries and said he figured if he wrote about the kids they’s like reading it. What do you think about that approach?

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