I know where I am and I know how to get back

Yesterday was Sunday. My favorite sermon of the day came from my 6 year old grandson. He was playing with his sister and cousin on the front porch below our veranda. We couldn’t see them but could hear them. My daughter, concerned the little one was ok called down. “Do you have your sister with you?”

“I know where I am and I know how to get back.”

My daughter explained there had been a traumatic experience this summer when Sam took her 6 year old to Lagoon. They had seen a little boy that was lost. After returning home, he told his mother about the incident and she used that as an opportunity to teach him what to do if he was ever alone and needed help finding his way back.

I hope I have done my motherly duty. I hope my children can recognize where they really are and when they are lost are courageous enough to admit it and sensitive enough to remember what I have taught about repentance, the Spirit so that they and will not only know the way back but return.


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