The Next Step to a Better Life


This family looks like any ordinary Mom and Dad with 3 little daughters. But they are not ordinary. Both parents grew up in outlying areas of Chiapas, Mexico. Both are indigenous, which interpreted means in the caste system in Mexico, still either consciously or subconsciously adhered to today, they garner less respect or standing in their community than a slave. They are on the bottom rung on a societal ladder they need to climb to get out of a hole of poverty and prejudice.

Around 20 years of age Armando served an LDS mission where he was forced to talk to people, look them in the eye, develop confidence in his ability to communicate and practice speaking Spanish. His wife also served a mission. He returned to his community afterwards and studied in the local University. He would like to secure a job with the federal government translating Spanish to Tzotsil, his native language. Meanwhile, he does part time work as a promotore for Escalera and has a business raising chickens.

He stands in the shell of the cement home he proudly is building for his family in San Cristobal. He took Bryson and me to a remote village to attend church a couple of Sundays ago where after the worship services we met with the local leader to ask “Are there young people here that would like to serve a mission?” We’d like to help create more families like Armando’s.


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