Bringing the Book of Mormon to All the World

The Gospel in Their Own Tongue

In 2020, Jan & Bryson Garbett wondered how they could help the indigenous people joining the Church of Jesus Christ of LatterDay Saints in Los Altos of Chiapas, Mexico, learn about the Book of Mormon.

Having done humanitarian work in Mexico for over twenty years they were still surprised to learn how a people could remain isolated from the very country and culture they lived in. Such was the case with the Tseltal speakers of Mayan descent who spoke a language separating them from the rest of the country. How can a people remain hidden but be in plain sight? Language.

In the hands of missionaries, the Book of Mormon has spread the message of the gospel across the world and touched the hearts of millions. But despite this success, there are billions more like those of Mayan descent who have yet to learn its message. 

Various obstacles stand in the way of sharing the Book of Mormon with all the world, such as a lack of translated materials and illiteracy. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is continually translating the Book of Mormon into various languages, but the process takes years…

Every Nation, Kindred, Tongue, and People.

Their Own Tongue, the Book of Mormon Video Dubbing Project, is working to translate and dub these Book of Mormon videos produced by the Church into less common languages. The Church currently has translated videos into 15 languages. So far, we’ve dubbed the videos in six languages:

  • Tseltal in Mexico 
  • Tsotsil in Mexico 
  • Q’eqchi in Guatamala 
  • Kichwa in Ecuador 
  • Qechua in Peru 
  • Aymara in Bolivia

The 12 million people who speak these languages will now be able to access the Book of Mormon. We want to dub the Book of Mormon videos in many more languages and you can make it possible by joining us in this endeavor with financial support.

  • It all begins with a donation. 
  • We hire translators
  • We review for accuracy. 
  • When the translation is complete, we hire voice actors and the recording phase begins.
  • Raw files of Book of Mormon videos are then edited with the dubbed voices and the original music and sound effects added back in.
  • Completed videos are sent to area authorities and mission presidents to distribute to missionaries and members.

The Book of Mormon Video Dubbing Project is exciting and dynamic, so we understand that you may have further questions. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.


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