Time to Wake Up

Last night I stayed up till midnight talking to my daughter. We explored why something like the Colorado shootings could occur. She repeated numerous times that the youngest victim was 6 years old. She wondered how a bright 24 year old PhD student could perpetrate such evil and felt incredible sorrow for the act and even for him.

The  parallels with what I’ve been studying in scripture for the last few weeks brought much into focus. It was as if I had a 1000 piece puzzle that started putting itself together. 

I saw how the adversary has brought not only that young man into bondage but multitudes of people. He is confusing them with entertainment that is really a gross diet of anger, violence, atrocities and gratuitous sex. The adversary does not stop to influence us through forms of so called entertainment. He reaches into our every day life, our work, our communication. He convinces us to be happy we need to work less, have more fun, go on vacation, shop, buy, redecorate, eat what you want, eat more of what you want even when you are no longer hungry, watch what you want, watch more that is stimulating that gives you a rush, watch evil, watch pornography. The adversary is masterfully building a culture of excess, idolatry and idleness that we are mindlessly buying into replacing time honored traditional values. The adversary has sabotaged the media with the viral message “anything goes.” He works to convince us that pure thoughts and prayer are unnecessary. More and more we are being acted upon rather than acting. We fall for vain and flattering words because it is easy. Hence our challenges become tons of time and effort to correct the awful consequences of the lifestyle of this ‘new’ tradition or this ‘anything goes’ culture. We are realling with the painful result of excess: excess of food, of sensual pleasure, of mindless yet mind altering entertainment parading before us violence, sex as a spectator sport, and prolific propaganda of every variety. Instead of being stimulated and joyful our collective culture is dull and miserable.

There is truth and there is error. There is right and there is wrong. There is sorrow and there is joy. The formula we can follow for finding that joy is true repentance and humbly seeking happiness.

The time to dream for a better tomorrow is past.

It is time to wake up.

It is time to wake up to God’s laws rather than rewriting laws based on incorrect traditions opposite of the time honored traditional values we read about in scripture. It is time to wake up and pursue the path of joy which is humbly (this is an important key word) seeking happiness rather than sitting in a chair waiting for it to come to you.

It is time for women who value virtue to wake up and act. You (this is an important key word!) are needed in this fight to reclaim His sheep. You may have to leave your comfort zone. You may have to teach in new ways and nurture more effectively the impressionable 6 year old and the isolated 24 year old. But be assured there is a way to get help in doing this, to have peace and joy even as the enemy prepares to pounce.  

Two weeks ago I spent an hour with a few women in my neighborhood as we watched a 20 minute video and then organized a Women for Decency Chapter. We didn’t talk about defending the King’s flocks but that was exactly what we were setting out to do.